LEWITZ Pegasus

Product code: CP-43 / ID: 275697

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Product description

Guitar effect overdrive pedal. Inspired by the Klon Centaur, the Pegasus Overdrive pedal aims to provide nearly the same functionality at a fraction of the cost. The Pegasus pedal offers a versatile and wide variety of tones without taking up much space on your pedalboard. It has true bypass and can give you a natural sounding overdriven output. Your tone will be very transparent when the gain is set low and will still sound smooth even when you crank the pedal up. Bypass: True Bypass. Enclosure: Metal. Knobs: Tone, Gain, and Volume. Power Requirement: 9 V DC Centre Negative power supply or 9 V DC Battery (neither are included). Dimensions: 118 x 90 x 35 mm. Weight: 369 g. Colour: Brown/Yellow graphics

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